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Whatever application needs meeting SDE can provide a cost effective solution.

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Cold Storage Loading & Unloading
Truck Mounted Machines Double Pallet Transport
Double Deep Racking Temp-controlled environments
Extension Fork Applications Special Applications

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Double Pallet Transport

In order to maximise both operator & equipment usage time

The SDE Telescopic fork arms can be extended to allow 2 pallets to be handled at once.

Often seen in operation in FMCG markets and all material handling environments where volume turnover and time effectiveness are key factors.

A fork lift truck carrying two pallets   Telescopic fork arms with a double deep load

Cold Storage

These specialised environments, where storage space is at a premium can be optimised through the introduction of Telescopic fork arms and double pallet racking. Up to 30% additional storage space can be generated through the use of double pallet storage - without the need for specialised forklift machinery cutting costs and maximising space.

using telescopic fork arms reduce operating costs    The  telescopic forklift's arms working with double pallet racking

Loading & Unloading

Goods vehicles can be loaded and unloaded from the one-side increasing safety and reducing operator time by up to 20%.

SD Engineering Telescopic fork arms can be integrated into whatever material handling package is currently in operation supplied with a full installation kit and after-sales support.

With a 10 working day delivery time SD Engineering can meet your material handling requirements without delay with the assurance of immediate availability on replacement parts let our experienced members of staff find your material handling solution.

Telescopic forklift arms loading a truck  from one side    Telescopic fork arms reduce loading times

Double Deep Racking

As the illustration shows Telescopic fork arms allow both layers of double deep racking to be accessed from one side - maximising warehousing space also operator and machinery effectiveness.

Double deep stacking increases warehouse capacity by up to 30%, ensuring time,space and cost is optimised.

The ability to quickly access all items of stock from one side is essential in fast moving volume environments with maximum accessibility.

Telescopic fork arms allow both layers of double deep racking to be utilized   A forklift truck picking a double deep pallet racking

Extension Forks

All s require specialised loads to be handled. Telescopic fork arms can be used as hydraulic fork extensions, providing an effective handling solution in handling long or awkward loads.

As the length of the fork arms can be altered hydraulically, whatever the load it will be handled with maximum control and safety.

A Forklift with telescopic arms handling a specialised load   A forklift truck  equiped with telescopic arms in a difficult  material handling environment

Truck Mounted Machines

These specialised forklift machines can be made even more versatile through the addition of Telescopic Forks. Whatever the material handling environment, these compact machines will have the flexibility to handle it.

A lorry mounted forklift truck equiped with telescopic arms   A lorry mounted forklift truck equiped with telescopic arms unloading

Special Applications
  • Heavy Duty
  • Narrow Warehousing
  • Specific industry regulations
  • Assistance in product development

Whatever material handling challenges you face, one of our technical consultants will be available to assist in providing the solution.

A forklift truck with telescopic arms working in a specialist environment

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