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SD Engineering Telescopic Fork arm package
Required parts (all supplied with kit provided)

  • 2 x Telescopic Fork arms
  • 1 x Flow Divider Block
  • 2 x 540mm Hoses
  • 2 x 700mm Hoses
  • 2 x 1000mm Hoses
  • 1 x T-Bar

Fitting the Telescopic fork arms to the forklift machine Connecting the pipework supplied with the kit See Illustration below -

All connectors supplied are 7/16 JIC Standard Configuration

The 2 x 1000mm Hoses are to be fitted to the Fork arm Outflows located on the Left Hand Side (from Drivers View) meeting at the T-Bar

The 2 x 700mm Hoses are to be fitted to the Fork arm Inflows Located on the Right Hand Side (from Drivers View), going to the Flow Divider Out-ports.

The 2 x 540mm Hoses are to be fitted to the Fork Lift trucks Inflow and Outflows. The Inflow hose then being connected to the T-Bar and the Outflow hose connecting to the Flow Divider in-port.

NB - The hose lengths can be interchanged to suit the individual application, but you must ensure that the hoses from the Flow Divider to the Fork arms remain of equal length.

Mounting the Flow Divider
The Flow Divider Block is traditionally located on the rear of the upper carriage bar (as shown on the illustration). It is important that whatever the location chosen the Fork lift operators view in not obstructed by the newly attached pipework.

It is important that the pipes from the Flow Divider Block to the Fork arms are of equal length to ensure that equilibrium of pressure is maintained.

Before Initial Operation
After connection, the system should be carefully bled. The Telescopic Fork arms should then be tested by operating at full pressure to ensure all connections are complete and no leaks are present.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Why use a flow divider block ?
Without the use of a Flow Divider, the Fork arm sleeve carrying the least of the load would naturally move first. This may cause the load to shift, or even become displaced.

By utilising a Flow Divider our Telescopic Fork arms ensure that the pressure to each sleeve is equal and that both fork arms with continually operate in a synchronised way.

The supply hose from the operating valve of the truck is connected to the inlet port of the flow divider and the two Outlet ports are connected to the junctions of the two Telescopic forks right side (seen in the forward direction) - please look at diagram shown below

View from drivers seat

A Forklift truck with telescopic arms picking  two pallets

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